Think First Before You Purchase



Think about why you want a dog.

Corgis live 12 to 15 years and over that time span you will invest a fair amount of time, energy, and expense. If you are not prepared to make this commitment, would another less demanding animal be more suitable?

Who will be caring for this dog? Do they have experience? Will they need help? If the new owner is to be a young child, are the parents prepared to do the bulk of the puppy care and training? There are many books available on dog care and training which will help you in your search and with daily care after the purchase.

Think about what you want your Corgi to do. What function will he have in your home? Will he be a companion for a child or an elderly person? Will he be expected to do farm work, or play football with three teenagers? What temperament would best suit this function? Often the question of show versus pet quality arises. The most important concerns for you as a puppy buyer are the puppy’s health and temperament. Show quality is often determined by size of ears and the shape of the feet, things that are subjective and not important in determining a dog’s value as a companion. Please keep in mind we do  not sell as breeders or for any shows.

Look at as many Corgis as you can. Talk to owners. Pembrokes come in three basic coat colors (red, sable, and tri-color), two sexes, and many variations of a typical temperament. Please keep in mind there are Corgis that can carry a special gene which can have different colors. It is a rare gene and has not been recognized as a typical corgi but there is a special gene which makes them unique. A typical Corgi temperament is outgoing, alert, active, and very people-oriented. They need to be involved with your family or in some kind of work. They are intelligent and easily trained, but they are also easily bored and do not do well if confined in the back yard with little human contact.

Ask questions about health care. My breeders are tested for DM, EIC, PRA, AND VWD, some for LENGTH but LENGTH is not an health issue. I follow our vet’s advice on how to administer shots and deworming.

Talk to the breeder. Tell the breeder who the dog is for, what type of activities you will do with the dog, what your lifestyle is like, what other animals are at home, if you plan a special task for this dog, and anything else you can think of. Often the breeder will have questions for you. Breeders want to make sure they are placing their puppies in an environment that suits them. A reputable breeder knows their puppies very well and will often make a recommendation as to which puppy would best suit your lifestyle.

Discuss spaying or neutering. There is very little to recommend keeping an un neutered animal. Both the dog’s health and behavior benefit by neutering or spaying. There are a variety of conditions under which dogs are sold with respect to neutering; some breeders will return a portion of the purchase price when the animal is neutered, many breeders  sell dogs on a LIMITED/PET registration, others may keep the AKC papers until the animal is neutered.  Know what is expected from both seller and buyer. We here at Precious  Puppies Kennels sell our puppies as a recommendation to spayed or neuter contract at the new owners  expense. It is up to the new owner if they wish to have this procedure done. But again if they do not they can be putting the puppy’s life at risk if ( for example) the testicle goes into the belly. We sell only at Limited Registration no longer sell as Full. Every breeder does things differently. I have been speaking to other breeders and different vet’s and they recommend if there are any surgeries for the puppies to be over the age of 4 months old.

Buy only after shopping around. Do not purchase a dog from a pet store or other wholesaler, as there is no way to know about the genetic health or temperament behind this puppy. Buy from a breeder you think is reliable, ethical, raises the puppies in an environment you think is healthy, and socializes the dogs to be good companions.

Get a sales contract. It should clearly state: the purchase price, the puppy’s birth date, the AKC numbers and names of the sire and dam, the litter registration number, the name, address, and phone number of the breeder plus any other conditions of the sale. We do   not provide a pedigree however, they can be purchase thru AKC. We will provide you the AKC registration puppy papers. Please keep in mind there is a time frame or you will  have to pay the late fee.

Is there a health guarantee? We have a 48 hour health guarantee. This is because we do not know what type of environment this puppy will be going to. We can only hope that they will be going to a wonderful forever loving home. In my contract it states what I expect of the new owners.

Rely on your breeder. If you have trouble in the future, your dog’s breeder should be the first person to whom you turn. Breeders are good sources of information, however, if I can not get you the information you are needing then I will refer you to your local vet.

Owning a dog is a serious commitment. You may come to find you cannot imagine your life without a Corgi. If you are unable to continue this commitment, please do not abandon this dog at a shelter or give him to a neighbor. Instead, contact your breeder or the Corgi rescue group in your area.

Thank you,
Kochers Precious Puppies Kennels




Precious Puppies Kennels/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or with out notice. We also have to right to refuse any offer or sale at any given time.