Terms, Conditions, & Warranties


My PET SALES are a spayed and neuter contract. These are consider to be a PET sale. Meaning if you receive a puppy that needs to be spayed or neuter due to either testicles are not down or that there is a hernia or something to where it needs to be spayed that this is a contract for this to be done at the proper age per contract. Once the contract has been filled by the date I have set forth that is when the AKC papers will be sent to the owner but not any sooner. Please review for my rules on when I want them to have this surgery. The new owner will be responsible 100% of the bill NOT the breeder. If you state to me your were not aware of this that you are 100% responsible, I will refer you to my website.My puppies will go thru a vet check but again NO health paper will be issued, only for flight. If a male puppy is found not to have both testicles, one might be high in the belly or somewhere on him, or they are almost down, that is the puppy you will receive, there is NO exchange. If there is an hernia that is the puppy you will receive, NO exchange. If it’s an inverted female that is the puppy you will receive, NO exchange. This is because you are purchasing a PET not a breeder. These are your responsibilities for surgeries.  Breeder is NOT responsible for ANY surgeries, cost expense, compensation, nothing. If you pet dies during this procedure or becomes ill because you did not have this performed, I will not honor an exchange or refund. NO disputes are allowed because of this. SEE BELOW:

Neuter/Spayed/Hernia /Testicle:

This is a Neuter/ Spayed sale contract. The AKC Limited registration papers will NOT be with your puppy. I am no longer providing pedigree papers with the puppies, you may purchase them thru AKC if you wish to. To receive your puppy’s AKC papers rules in the contract MUST be followed.

Females can NOT be spayed until they are 5 months of age, NOT any sooner. Any sooner you will void your contract. Ages for spaying is 5 to 7 months of age. If you go sooner or past this time frame of age, you will void your contract with NO AKC papers to be mailed. No exceptions, these are my rules.

Males can NOT be neuter until they are 4 months of age, NOT any sooner. Any sooner you will void your contract. Ages for spading is 4 to 6 months of age. If you go sooner or past this time frame of age, you will void your contract with NO AKC papers to be mailed. No exceptions, these are my rules.

Anything done prior or after time frame is a breech in the contract and no AKC papers.

If there is a hernia repair, at the advice of your vet you may have the surgery performed for only that. If it ALSO involves the neutering or spaying BEFORE the age I have set forth, it will cause you to void the contract making it null and void. You may have the hernia surgery at any time your vet states but NOT the neutering or spaying, that must be followed by the contract.

I have been speaking to vets and they need to be older for these types of surgeries. Once they have been performed by your vet by the time frame that I have stated, I will request a written or typed report emailed to me from your vet’s office with their name and phone number on it. I will confirm this is a real vet thru the internet then I will call your vet for confirmation. Once it’s been confirmed that the report is authentic, I will mail you your AKC papers. I will not send them thru email. The written date of transfer of the AKC will be when the puppy leaves us. You have up to a year to process your papers with AKC from the date I put on the papers without late fees being applied by AKC. Please call AKC to see how much late fees are if you go over the one year mark. The one year mark is the date when I have transfer the puppy to you not the paperwork. Your name will be written on the AKC paper. Even if you are married, I am only allowing the sale and the ownership to be as one person. If you want to have two, that is between you and AKC but between us it’s only ONE person. FULL registration is NO longer allowed. If you decide NOT to have this type of surgery please note that you will not receive the AKC papers and it will be presented as evidence to AKC if you try to say that I denied you papers. I have already spoke to them before I put this in place.

There is no warranty that your male puppy’s testicles will have ever descended or will not have a hernia. This is a neuter or spayed process is to be paid by the new owner not the breeder if your vet recommends for a neuter due to the testicles did not descend at a proper age, a hernia was found, or your female needs to be spayed.  These are sold as pets with the agreement you will have pet spayed or neuter by time frame stated above.

Vet issued health certificates are for flights travel only, not for verification for hernias or testicles have drop and are in placed.

I raise pet quality companions not breeders or show. These are pet quality companion puppies and our contract states that. We do not sell as Full registration for breeders or show. I used to offer to sell our babies with Full registration but I am no longer allowing this unless I am already in a prior contract that I allowed this.  NO guarantees on breeding or showing for the buyers already in my contract for FULL registration. My terms and conditions for a FULL registration sale is not posted, they will be referred to their contract.

I warrant that to the best of our ability and knowledge I have produced a healthy puppy. I have devoted much time, money, and energy to produce the best puppy possible. I follow all currently accepted health practices regarding sanitation, health screenings, de worming, and vaccinations under the advice of my veterinarian. Even with the best breeding programs at time unavoidable defects and problems may occur. I only warrant a 48 hour health. I do not warrant any other issues or future testing that may occur. No guarantee is made to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color markings, color of eyes, or show or breeding ability. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies will be sold as spayed and neuter contracts. If you do not honor my contract for the neutering or spaying, Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC will not be held liable for any illnesses your puppy may go thru and any future vet expenses or your own expenses of any kind. Contracts will be written as Limited/Pet registration unless I am already in a prior contract before I made this new rule. I DO NOT warranty for future breeding stock/showing if that is your attended purposes. If you purchase the puppy as Limited Registration and you go ahead and breed your corgi instead of honoring the spaying or neutering Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher will not be held responsible for any defect of any kind because I sell as quality pets not as breeders or show quality.

Contract needs to be signed ONLY by the person who made the original payment either thru Square. Even if you are married, only the person who made the original payment will be accepted as the person on the contract and no other signatures will be. Limited AKC papers will only have ONE person name on it and it will be the person who signed the contract and made the payment.

You also must be over the age of 18 and if it is documented thru our conversations you are 18 and over then I find out that you are not, I, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC have reserved the right to deny this sale and keep all monies paid due to this is fraud. You maybe in contact with me but you will not be able to sign the contract unless you have made the payments yourself. The person who is making the payments will be the responsible person for this sale, even if you are purchasing for another person. NO exceptions.


Contracts will be written as LIMITED/PET registration. Purchasing as a PET means as is. Refer to Health Warranty. If you breed your corgi and do not honor the spaying or neutering per contract, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, will not be held responsible for any defect of any kind because we sell as quality pets not as breeders or show quality. If the puppy passes away by any procedures done by your vet, the breeder Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/ KPPK LLC WILL NOT be responsible for the replacement or any expenses of your vet or that you have accrued for any procedures. This is part of the sale and agreement to have this procedure done. I take NO responsibilities what happens with your vet.

Limited/Pet AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies are sold without any breeding/conformation showing rights. The AKC recognizes these Corgis as pure bred Pembroke Welsh Corgi and they can be entered into many AKC events (virtually all competitions except conformation since these events are specifically intended to evaluate breeding stock). All of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies that we sell with limited AKC registration are intended as pets only.

Full AKC registration simply means that one of our Pembroke Welsh Corgi pups is being sold with full AKC breeding rights and that IF any puppies are produced, when he/she is mated to another full AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi, are eligible for AKC registration. NO new sales are allowed as FULL registration sales.

I prefer to sell as a pet however, if one is sold as a breeder due to prior contracts then NO guaranties, warranties, exchanges, or refunds when sold as a pet or as a breeder. ONLY under the 48 hour warranty.

My Corgi puppies are sold with LIMITED/PET AKC registration so that we are confident they will be going to a good home which is looking for a pet to be loved, pampered, and given individual attention.  A corgi puppy being sold  as LIMITED/PET AKC registration will be spayed or neuter at your expense not the breeder to promote healthy dogs as they become older. If you wish to keep them intact and you do not follow with these procedures that our contract states you have agreed on and you puppy gets pregnant or they become ill due to you did not have this done, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher will not be responsible for any vet bills or your expenses to have them taken care later down their life time. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher will provide you with vaccines records and the AKC paper WILL stay with the breeder till the contract for spaying or neutering has been done at the ages stated above. If you do not follow thru or you are late in doing the procedure or you do it before the time frame, you will not receive your AKC papers.  Once you have received your AKC papers from me and if you lose them.  You will have to contact AKC for a copy,,there might be a  fee from AKC to get another copy.

If you live in a college dorm, please do not inquire on this puppy. Corgis need room to run and needs full time attention. Unfortunately I will not be able to sell to college students living in dorms or students who will be returning back home to overseas within a year of purchasing your puppy. You must be in this county for 1 year or more before taking the puppy back overseas due to quarantine and the puppy MUST BE OVER 1 YEAR OLD BEFORE TRANSPORTING OVERSEAS. These are my rules. Puppies need to have full time attention and room to roam.


Females and males will be transported to the new forever home starting at the age of 8 weeks This is at the breeder’s discretion for the health of the puppy when it can transport. No sooner than 8 weeks of age will I transport our puppies.


Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher, have reserved the right to only test our own puppies for genetics for future breeders at any given time. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher, have reserved the right not to test your puppy for any type of genetics even at your request. It will be your responsibility as the new owner to test your puppy for genetics once in your possession if you wish to have this done and this will be at the new owner’s expense not the breeder’s. I will tell you what the parents are as far as results. I am not responsible if the testing lab that I used to test my breeding stock is ever wrong. I only go by their testing results they have provided to me. No refunds or exchanges for wrong testing results provide by the testing lab.


There are NO REFUNDS on deposits/final payments even if you just made the deposit or final payment then changed your mind. Even if you may have not signed the contract and not returned back to me, by making a NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT/FINAL PAYMENT thru Square you have agreed to my terms and conditions in this contract and on my website at kocherscorgis.com. I, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPKLLC/Diann Kocher have reserved the right NOT to refund any money back to you. This is called BUYERS REMORSE. There are NO refunds given for any reason between breeder and purchaser. By making the deposit whether it’s a waiting list deposit or a regular deposit or the final payment, you have enter in an agreement to my terms and conditions. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All sales are final, all deposits/final payments at any age of the puppy are nonrefundable. No refunds for final sales are given at any age, only replacement at a comparable replacement when the seller has another litter and is at the breeder’s discretion. This replacement will fall under the 48 hour rule. 


My rules are simple, first person to put a deposit on the puppy will be the first one on this puppy. Just because we are speaking does not mean this is your puppy. Again it’s first person who makes the deposit.


If you need to return the puppy because you can no longer can take care of the puppy. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC /Diann Kocher has reserved the right to take back the puppy instead of you re-homing the puppy or placing it in a shelter. It would be your responsibility as a Corgi owner to pay for the puppy’s air flight. This is not Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher responsibility. They would have a health check BEFORE they have arrived here and must be free of any diseases. The puppy MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY YOUR VET’S HEALTH CERTIFICATE AND CURRANT SHOT/DEWORMING RECORD. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher will not pay you for us to recover the puppy nor will we refund you any money. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher is not responsible for any vet bills or expenses you have occurred while taking care of this puppy.
We have reserved the right to decide whether or not we can take the puppy back. We will let you know in a timely manner. I see too much BUYERS REMORSE. Please remember that ALL deposits are nonrefundable for any reason.


I require for us to stay in contact thru out the sale. If there is no communication this will be consider to be an abandonment and the payment can be fortified. All decisions are made by breeder.


If you are purchasing for someone else that is fine but please remember the contracts and payments are your responsibility and the contract is NON TRANSFERABLE to the new owner you gave your puppy, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC /Diann Kocher is not responsible for damages caused by the puppy. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher does not assume liability for any injuries to the puppy once it’s in your possession. While there is no such thing as a perfect puppy, just as there are no perfect humans, you are receiving a high quality corgi puppy and you should expect a puppy of good overall health who will have a happy and active life of a decade or more if you do your part in assuring his/her proper care and maintenance. This contract does not cover injuries, illnesses, or debilitating disorders that result from accidents, neglect, or improper care, including injuries sustained from a jump or fall from an excessive height or from excessive exertion or stress, especially in hot weather.


You, the owner, agree to provide quality food, adequate shelter, regular vet checks, and age appropriate vaccinations and de worming (including heart worm medication) and other medication as determined by a qualified vet. Failure to provide proper care for your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will void this warranty. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC /Diann Kocher requires the new owner to keep the puppy up to date on all vaccinations, de worming, including heart worm prevention, keep in on an appropriate diet and all other necessary procedures.


Crate is only included if flown in Cargo only. Our flights will fly into International Airport only unless the company does change it to some Regional. When picking the flight I will try to fly the puppy to the airport of your choice however, some times with the heat or cold you will have to travel to the airport that I have chosen. If you are unhappy with the flight route that is no reason for you to cancel this sale and demand your money back. There are NO refunds. ALL Cargo Airports availability is subject to change based on weather and routing. All payments will be processed thru Square and must be released from Square to the breeder for the puppy to leave our home to yours.  All transport fees of any kind nonrefundable. The breeder has reserved the right to pick and choose which Air Line to use in the best interest of the puppy. For Alaska and Canada please refer to my website.


I will book the flight as soon as you have provided me with all the proper info that I have requested. Flights will be booked about 1-2 weeks out from the leaving date. To book flights I require name on ID and the address that is on your ID. Also a good phone number. If you do not provide me the address or spelling of name that is on your ID the Airlines will NOT release your puppy to me, it must be the EXACT what is on your ID even if its not your correct address that you are living at now.


If the NEW owner or the person who is designated to be the pickup person misses the puppy at the airport for cargo or Nanny services or meeting ground or us for ANY REASON and it comes back to us or I have to bring the puppy back home because you did not make the trip, this will sale will be consider being neglect and will not be acceptable to me as the breeder. There are NO reasons for this to happen, NONE. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher/KPPK LLC, WILL keep the puppy and ABSOLUTELY NO MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED BACK TO PURCHASER DUE TO THIS IS NEGLECT. NO MONIES REFUNDED TO THE PURCHASER WHO SENT IN THE PAYMENTS OR TO THE PERSON WHO IS ON THE CONTRACT, THIS IS NEGLECT!! IT IS the new owners’ responsibility to make sure the puppy is not left at the airport/Nanny service or with me and is to be picked up within ONE HOUR after it has arrived at the airport OR meeting with us, DO NOT be LATE!  If the puppy is not picked up with that time frame I will consider this as a neglected sale and the 48 hour warranty will be voided. I will exercise my right to keep all monies paid to me and re sell this puppy after it has been returned to me, this puppy WILL NOT be returned to you for ANY REASON, NONE, you just lost your funds and a sale, SALE/CONTRACT HAS BEEN DENIED!  ALL expenses of any kind, cost of puppy and ALL deposits will be FORFEITED. You also WILL NOT be allowed to ever purchase another puppy from me ever! No disputes thru Square is allowed. Remember that ALL funds paid to the breeder is NONREFUNDABLE ANYWAYS NO MATTER WHAT. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS AT ALL!! ALL TRANSPORTATION/BOARDING/PAYMENTS/PROCESSING FEES COST ARE NON REFUNDABLE. 

NO more new owners allowed to fly into an airport to meet us then to return back home with your puppy. There is to much involved in flight with the airlines and pricing. If you ask if will be denied and if you continue to ask the sale will be denied along with all the monies you have paid to the breeder will be nonrefundable as they are stated anyways. I understand your concerned but these are my RULES and coming to Missouri and flying back with them is not an option. Please do not even ask. I the breeder will control how the puppy will travel. 

Your options are as followed:  Breeder booking the flight and you meeting your puppy at your International airport, Nanny service, ground transportation, or meeting us. Those are your only options. Puppies will be flown out by the companies we have chosen. The options: flight ONLY by the company we use, Nanny Service ONLY by the company we use, ground ONLY by the company we use, meeting in person ONLY the place that I pick out.

Ground Transportation: 

Ground does not include a crate only for Air transportation thru Cargo. I, Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC have reserved the right to decide how the puppy will travel. If you are against air travel I will do my best to use ground but again that will be at my final say in the way the puppy will travel. Ground transportation leaves out on Mondays and the driver will contact you on Monday afternoon into evening to tell you the time and place where to meet them. You will have to be available to meet them where they say and the time they say. Most days for meeting them are on Tuesdays into Wednesdays, all depends on their routes. Again there is NO crate for ground; they do not have room on their trucks for me to give them a crate for you to have. If they are flown they do come with a crate. NO guarantee they are sold with a crate. Please see Fees and Expenses on my website for miles and expenses to for me to travel to meet. Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC/Diann Kocher will not be held liable for the ground transportation companies used for the condition your puppy may arrive. This is out of our control. Please refer to the above section for NEGLECT if you miss the ground transportation company.


The only approved hold is with a nonrefundable deposit or payment in full.


NONE, the only exception is if you have already been on my old paid waiting list. That is the only exception.

FULL REGISTRATION SALE: This only pertains to the person who is still on my paid waiting list for a Full. After that sale, this will be null and void. 

Absolutely NO guarantees or warranties. Purchasing Full registration from me is allowing you thru AKC to paper your puppy as a Full registration. This does not mean they will produce or breed. If a male does not have both testicles at the time of our vet’s inspection I will offer an replacement when breeder has one available and I have reserved the right to re sale the puppy that we are under a contract for. You will have to wait until the breeder has another one to offer and it will be at breeder’s picking of the new baby not the person who is in the contract.  If your vet finds a testicle issue after you have received your male baby there are no exchanges or refunds, I only go by my vet’s word not yours. NO refunds will be given if you have to wait for a future male and you wish not to wait. No refunds for a male or female if hernias are found. Hernias are not apart of the exchange or refund. NO refunds for defective breeding or they are not able to breed and produce. No warranties for showing. Again you are only buying my right thru AKC to paper your puppy and any future puppies and NOTHING ELSE. NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES..NONE. Only health under the 48 hour rule, refer to that section.


Either I, Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC or our vet will place the micro chip in your baby. You, the new owner, will have to pay to activate the chip. This is to track your baby if it gets lost while in transport or if you try to return a puppy back to us that is not our baby. Until you have registered the chip, as long as I have purchased this one from our vet or a store that keeps track of who they sale this to, it will be register back to my vet or store who will then reach out to me the breeder. If you ask me not to chip your baby, I will refuse your request. Please do not ask. Also if the chip falls out right after I given it to the puppy, I will not provide it another chip, this is a courtesy not as a guarantee it will come chip. Some chips do get sucked back up thru the needle and then are only in the hair coat so when I scan it right after it has been given it will show but then it will fall out when they are playing due to it was only in their hair coat. If that happens you may have your vet administer another one but the breeder will not pay for the new chip or pay to have your vet implant it in your puppy. Again this is just a courtesy.


Please refer to the Vaccination section.


Puppies will come with either a stub or no tail, and dewclaws will be removed. If our vet misses a dewclaw or a problem with the docking of the tail, Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/Diann Kocher is not responsible for correcting the issue and we will not pay for your expenses or your vet’s expense to have this corrected.


Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels /KPPK LLC is not responsible for the changing of color or the markings on your corgi. Corgis do change their colors from birth to an adult and even as an adult the colors can vary. The white on the face can narrow. When you inquire on the color and markings, we will show you photos of the parents. Please remember that they can take on the genes of their grandparents too, just like humans. We do our best to tell you what they may turn out like but Corgis will change, that is a given fact. Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC will not refund nor exchange if I tell you a certain color and they turn out to be a different color. For example: Red verses a Sable, Red verses a Fawn. Black headed tri verses a Red headed tri. We ask that you love your corgi no matter what the outcome he or she may be. Again we do our best to sell you the color that you are wanting and we will tell you what the parents are but if your baby changes from a Red looking a birth to take on a more looking Sable or Fawn that is out of our control. These are pets to love.


Most of our corgis have brown eyes, but we do have a corgi that can produce a blue eyed or split eyed (1 brown 1 blue eyed) corgi and with that being said Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC is not responsible for the color of your corgi’s eyes. Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC will not refund nor exchange if I tell you a certain color and they turn out to be a different color. As they get older this can change. We ask that you love your corgi no matter what the outcome he or she may be.


When ears flops at any age even if the ears have been up since day one, it’s because they are usually teething and teething takes the calicum from the ears and puts it to the teeth. There is NO time limit when the ears will go back up and stay up. Especially if you have received one of my babies with one of my males being the daddy and he has extra large ears, those do take awhile to go up. It may take just months or it could take up to a year or they just may stay floppy. There are NO tricks OR gimmicks to fix the problem. You could consult with your vet to see about giving extra calicum for this BUT then you must be careful because you can over do it with to much calicum. If you ever have this concern please consult with your vet. There are NO exchanges or refunds for this issue of having floppy ears.


IF you made your deposit/final payment then review your contract that I have emailed you and do NOT agree to my Terms and Conditions of my contract and you wish not to continue on with the sale that if fine. Please remember that your deposit and any and all payments are ALWAYS NONREFUNDABLE. I will cancel the sale and your payments are NONREFUNDABLE.
IF you keep on giving me excuses after excuses on making a deposit, sending back contracts, making the final payment, any excuses will not be tolerated.


There are no exceptions are excuses for BUYERS REMORSE, as a responsible animal owner you should know what you are getting into BEFORE ever buying ANY PET!



ALSO Please Refer to the Buyer/Seller Contract for more Terms & Conditions.

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/ breeder Diann Kocher has the right to modify, edit, delete or change terms, conditions, and/or prices at given time with or without notice.