Suggestions For Care For Your Corgi

Suggestions for care:

I recommend this type of puppy food Purina Pro Plan puppy food. This is a chicken and Rice formula.

I recommend you purchase a large size wire crate from Wal-Mart or your local pet store and provide a soft blanket or towel for them to lie on. If they have an accident on it, do not punish them, take it out of their pen, wash it, and replace it with another one while this one is being washed. They are learning remember they are puppies.

Training a puppy:

  1. Every morning you will need to take them outside right away, do not hesitate in doing this. If this makes you run late to work or school then you need to wake yourself up an hour early every day so you may attend to your puppy. You yourself cannot wait to go to the bathroom so please do not expect your puppy to wait for you to come home. DO NOT punish your puppy for wetting in their pens ever. It is not their fault you did not find the time to take them out and even if you did take them out and they had an accident, do not punish them. In time they will train, corgis are very smart dogs.
  2. If you come home for lunch take them out of their crate or pen, take them outside right away so they may get use to going outside to potty.  Givethem time to roam before sticking them back into their crate.
  3. Once you are home for the day, take them out right away and go outside so they can do their business. Once they are done, let them roam again. A corgi that is coop up all day in their pen or crate is calling for disaster. If you cannot provide one on one attention a corgi is not for you. Do not punish them for being hyper; you yourself would not like to be coop up all day just to be punished for being excited to see their owner/best friend.
  4. Provide them food and water in their crate or pen while you are at work or school and thru out the day.
  5. Before you yourself go to bed, take them outside one last time. Remove their feed and water from their pens and then right away in the morning put in back in their pen or crate.
  6. When outside do not let them sniff other puppy or dog fecal, that is a disaster waiting to happen and that is called PARVO. Do not let them eat grass or leaves. Other animals not only dogs can carry this disease. Do not freak out if they do eat grass or leaves or they sniff the other animals fecal but make sure you take your puppy to another area. Pay attention to your puppy’s surroundings.
  7. Do not punish your dog way after something has happen. Correct them right away with a tap on the nose and in a stern voice say “NO”. There are obedience schools out there that you can take yourself and your puppy so you both can learn on how to correct your puppy. I am sure there are sites where you can get some advice but me personally I like going to the actual school to learn one on one.
  8. No attention to them is calling for a disaster waiting to happen. If you do not provide them with attention do not punish your puppy because you are the one who did not provide them with the attention they so deserved. Corgis are attention grabbers, they live for attention. If you cannot provide attention then this dog is not for you.
  9. Corgis have short legs. DO NOT put them on your couches, chairs, recliners, or bed till they themselves are old enough to jump up which can be around 6 months or older. If you own a recliner, do not recline back in your chair unless you know where your puppy is at. When putting up your recliner know where the puppy is at. I know someone had killed 2 puppies, not corgis, by crushing them with a recliner. Do not let this happen to yours, be responsible and know where they are at all times. Do not put them on your bed or chairs or couch and let them jump down by themselves. They have short legs and the legs can get pushed up into their hearts or lungs killing them instantly or they will have an ACL tear or a broken leg. Be responsible and do not let this happen to your corgi.
  10. Always pay attention to what they are chewing on. Not everything is safe to chew on. When in doubt get off the couch or where ever you are at and look to see what is going on. If not a pet toy then take it away.
  11. I am not one for rubbing noses in their fecal matter or pee. I do not like that; to me it does not correct the problem. If you have that problem speaks to an obedience school or your vet and see what they will tell you. I am not one for punishing our corgis and I do not like it. I believe in having a stern but not a mean voice. Telling them “NO”; is not being mean but beating them is.

These are just some things that I have thought about when people are purchasing a corgi, especially a corgi puppy for the first time. This is not directed in any way to say that a person will be like this to them. This is providing you advice on how to train and what to expect if you do not provide one on one attention. They love attention and if they don’t get it well let’s just say you have been warned, LOL.

Thank you,
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