Scam Alert

Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels
Our website will only have updated photos once every 4 weeks of our babies, however, we will continue to use Facebook for PM, for more recent photos, and for more updated information.

Due to a number of people who are inquiring if this is our website: and by the way I did send them a text as they requested to do on this phone number: 614-669-2263 letting them know that I am a breeder and that they are scamming people, that they will be reported. SUPRISINGLY NO RESPONSE BACK FROM THEM. Please be aware of this site:, yes they show great prices, great photos but if they can not respond back to a text to defend themselves, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!


DM Free Website Advertisement Scam:

I would like to bring attention to something that OTHER breeders are saying to try to win your business and I am seeing it a lot lately on other websites or Facebook.
When you see the words DM FREE but they will not say the words DM CLEAR, it’s there way of saying its a DM CARRIER. I just would like to put this out there, this is nothing wrong with owning a DM At Risk or a DM Carrier. Please educate yourself before you buy, a breeder will tell you anything to buy. The truth is to research this on your own like I did and I have 2 other breeders that I trust that know a lot about this. They themselves and I have At Risk females and knows that when you have an At Risk you DO NOT get RID of them or put them down. How you take care of this is to cross your At Risk female or male to a DM Clear to create a DM Carrier. Most of the corgis out there if breeders would test more would probably have DM Carriers.
So when you see the words At Risk Free or anything else that says the words FREE, its not a CLEAR it’s a CARRIER. When people hear the words CARRIER they freak out and so breeders use the words FREE not CARRIERS which what they really are. If people and breeders would educate themselves on how to use words correctly then they would NOT use the words FREE, they would use the words CARRIER. I myself when I first started purchase from a lady in Kansas who has show dogs stated to me DM Free, not knowing what it meant I thought it was DM Clear so when I tested the dog came back as a DM Carrier which I still have to this day. I know have educated myself and I will always keep my breeders. Please remember in all these studies its a gene that may or may never act up. It’s like humans too, we all may have that 1 gene we got from our family that is not good and all we can do is hope it never acts up. So when breeders say DM Free or anything else using the words FREE that is a gimmick I am seeing going a round on ALL these websites and Facebook posts of other breeders and it is making me sick, it’s like anything for a sale.
Love your pets till the day they die is the best medicine we can do for our animals. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
This post is NOT to put anyone down who wishes to purchase a DM Clear, this post is to educate buyers of other breeders on other Facebook posts or websites the DM Free is NOT DM Clears! or anything else that they use the words FREE on!!