Photos & Videos Terms & Conditions

Posting Photos & Videos

These are my rules for posting photos. I have reserved the right to post at any given time in my possession or when photos are sent to me from previous buyers. When photos are sent from previous buyers I will ask if this is ok to post but all my sales are within the understanding that I may at any given time post them with or without your permission. I just like to ask ahead before posting them anyways.

Asking for us to take more photos of the babies before they are purchased is not happening any more. I am sorry for the inconvenience but we spend a lot of time taking care of our babies and this is not a studio but a breeding facility that raises beautiful corgi babies.

There are no guarantees you will receive updated photos between picking time and receiving time. I am finding out this is taking to much time away from my babies and you will just have to be patience.


Photos seen on ADS, Facebook, and my website:

I take photos of them once a week and post them on Facebook, AKC Marketplace, or Puppy Find. My website is updated when I can; more recent photos are always on my Facebook. I will now and then take a cute snap shot of the puppies. If you view one of my babies and ask for a more recent photo you will be referred to the last photo taken due to I try to post them once a week when I can. If I do not get around to getting the most recent photo then when I am able I will post them not when I am asked by a buyer for me to take some snap shots. We spend hours taking care of your babies and our breeders so recent photos are the last thing on our mind. Also if you request for a certain photo of the puppy so you may see something unfortunately I will not take them anymore. I have been taken away too many times for photos when our babies come first; again this is not a studio.

As you have seen I will take photos of them at birth and update as they become older, once they are sold I have reserved the right not to post any more of them unless I feel the need to post a cute photo of them now and then. Photos are mostly used on our ADS, Facebook, and website to promote sales; once they are purchased the new owner will receive their photos when I can take them not when asked.


I will send the buyer when I can recent photos as they are growing. If I catch a cute photo I will send them. I do not have time to send weekly updated photos of your babies but again when I have the time I will take some. I try my best to send the new buyer’s photos of their babies each week but you must understand that we are taking care of your babies and we do not always have the time take photos of them at your request.


Refer to the waiting list contract.


VIDEOS WILL BE POSTED NOW AND THEN ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE AT KPPK “AKA” KOCHER’S PRECIOUS PUPPIES KENNELS. Please visit my Facebook. I will no longer be taking time away from my puppies to make a video just for you to view prior to buying a puppy or even after. I will make them as I see fit not at your request. Sorry but to many other people have ruined this for everyone else so I have made this decision no more special videos. If you do not see one on my page then they will be posted when I have the time to make them. 

Thank you,
Diann K
Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels