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NEW IN 2019:




You can purchase them thru AKC, breeder will not provide them.


New Rules for communication, see Waiting list for Terms and Conditions, this is for ALL sales whether it’s a waiting list contract or a purchase sale. ALL rules are as followed.


Look at the section Corgis for sale: this section will let you know which litters have babies available and which breeders are a possibility for coming soon litters. Please keep in mind just because they do come in heat or mate sometimes things in life are uncontrollable. We can only let you know what we have seen or know but we can not predict the future.


Please keep in mind photos are only uploaded once a week or maybe every twice a month for babies that are available, I have reserved the right if one is still in pending a pick I may still advertise the puppy. It will be a breeder’s and Admin discretion when new photos will be uploaded and photos are not always taken once a week even if you are on a PAID waiting list or have purchase one of our babies. Please keep in mind we are NOT a studio and taking photos for customers are our last priority. Taking care of the babies are first priority. Also babies that have not been picked or sold will have more photos on our website, once the babies are picked or sold I will not be posting their photos on the website unless it’s for my personal use on my website then I have reserved the right to do so. Again if you ask for more photos more than what I have provided to you I have the right to deny this request. I understand your excited to see them grow but taking photos is when I have the time to take them not when you wish to see them grow. Babies health comes first before anyone’s request. If you do not understand this then you will have to purchase from another breeder that does not put health first but photos to make the customer happy. Sorry for being this way but in the past there is to much demand for photos and this is going to have to stop. You will receive them as when I can take a photo. Even if you are in a waiting list contract or a purchase contract I will only take them as I can. Also when inquiring on a puppy for the first time and you ask me for updated photos. I will not take them. I update as I see fit or have time. When asked I will refer you to the photos already taken even if they are a week old photos. Babies do not change from week to week they will change from week to about two to three weeks apart. These are my rules.


In my new section of “Information” is where I will post the info about the puppies and prices. Please keep in mind I have reserved the right to change prices/transportation prices/package deals at any given time. Just because this is listed on the website at the time does not mean this puppy price or transportation price is set in stone. Please PM for details.


This is how the nonrefundable purchase deposit works:
When inquiring on a puppy there ARE other people inquiring on the SAME PUPPY. If you state to me you wish to purchase the puppy, I will send you a nonrefundable deposit invoice thru Square to make the initial nonrefundable deposit of $315.00 includes fees. The nonrefundable deposit MUST be made right then and there when you are inquiring to purchase the puppy, NOT the next day. IF you make the deposit at a later date and not right away after I have sent you the link or invoice and if someone else has already made the deposit on the SAME PUPPY I will then let you know that your deposit was received to late for the puppy you have chosen and I will offer you another puppy if I have any at that time. If you let me know right away after I have notified you that you wish to take the other puppy I will apply your deposit to the other one that I have offered but again if you do not respond back to me right away the same day and someone else does place their deposit they will receive the puppy. The time stamp for receiving payment is what I go by which person will receive which puppy when inquiring. First one to make the nonrefundable deposit will receive the puppy. Communication is a MUST. If no other puppies are available or you do not wish to purchase any that I have left then I will refund your nonrefundable deposit (MINUS FEES BY SQUARE) BUT THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I WILL EVER OFFER A REFUND, NO OTHER REFUNDS OR EXCEPTIONS WILL BE OFFERED.

Once a nonrefundable deposit has been received on time and this is your puppy then I will send out a contract for ONLY the person who made the nonrefundable deposit to be the person to sign and return the contract on or before the return date set in the contract. If you do not follow the rules on returning the contract or do not communicate with me, per rules as in the Waiting list contract Terms and Conditions which if for ALL CONTRACTS, the abandonment rule will be applied and this will cause you to lose your puppy and all and any payments because ALL payments are NONREFUNDABLE. Review the Waiting list Terms and Conditions section. The signing and returning the contract will lock in the price and what the estimated cost of transportation could be. Cost of transportation for State side will vary from time to time. I try my best to place a reasonable price for flight or any transportation expense.

If PayPal is use at the discretion of the breeder, the rules and regulations will be the same as Square.

I, Diann Kocher/Kocher’s Precious Puppies Kennels/KPPK LLC, have reserved the right to change, modify, edit, or delete any thing on this page at any given time.